Being economical at home...



To leave my heating system on when I go out.


To switch it off and re heat the house when I return.


This is possibly the most common question we get asked by customers it's also one of the most difficult to answer.


The answer depends on lots of factors, some of which we've listed below.


Human factors

  • How long will you be out?
  • How frequently will you be out? 
  • How warm do you like the house when you're home? 



  • How well insulated is the property?
  • Is it draughty?
  • Is it cavity or externally insulated?
  • How modern is the boiler?
  • How modern are the heating controls (thermostatic radiator valves, time clock, room thermostat)?



  • Where is your property located?
  • What is the outside temperature?
  • Is it an exposed windy location?

All these factors affect the answer, some more than others and to get an accurate answer would mean measuring across all the seasons and preferably for several seasons. As you can imagine this is very time consuming and expensive to do, so much so that you would probably never recover the outlay.


Not exactly the answer you wanted, however their are lots of things you can do to improve the way your heating runs, I'm adding some blogs in the future that give practical things you can do to reduce your energy costs. Watch out for:


  • Radiator temperature how this affects your energy usage and room comfort. 
  • Weather compensated thermostats. 
  • Thermostatic radiator valves.