Does your heating system need a power flush...



Having your heating system power flushed involves attaching a powerful pump onto your system, adding some chemicals and pumping the chemicals through all of your radiators one at a time. 

The process takes several hours and may need the cleaning chemicals replacing a number of times. This depends on the size of your system, how badly it is contaminated and what it's contaminated with. 


The signs that you may need a power flush are: 

  • When you bleed your radiators the water is dirty or black, in a healthy system the water should be almost clear. 
  • Some radiators that worked well before have become cooler or have cold patches (a cold area in the middle of the radiator at the bottom and forms an arc is usually a different problem.) 
  • The pump has become noisy 
  • The boiler makes a bubbling sound. 


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