How radiator temperature can effect comfort and cost...


If your radiators and the pipe work supplying them have been sized correctly and they are in good condition they should be able to heat your house when the outside temperature drops to -2C. 

Most heating systems are slightly over engineered to ensure the customer is happy with its operation. 


This means that when the temperature outside is warmer than -2C the heating system is actually oversized for your house.  

You can turn the temperature of your boiler down so the radiators are cooler, as long as you don't go too far they will still provide sufficient heat to keep your house as warm as you want it. 


I have some customers that have two settings for the temperature of their boiler 1 summer and 1 winter, they have suggested that they are saving around 10% on their heating bills. 


The lower temperature you can run the boiler the more efficient it will be. 


Note: if you have a cylinder for your hot water it's very important that you don't turn the boiler temperature down below 65 C . Hot water cylinders MUST be heated to at least 60C for an hour or more to kill any bacteria.

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