How To Drain Your Hot and Cold Water During a Leak...


Hinchliffe Heating is a family owned and run business and we know how inconvenient a boiler breakdown can be. Don't be stuck with cold water, a cold home or faulty heating that could be a danger to you and your family. We can give you comprehensive advice over the phone and offer a fast call out service across Leeds, Wakefield and Bradford.

We're here to help, but we're happy for you to take control if you know how. We've put together this guide to show you the best way of draining your system if you have an emergency leak. 

If you have a leak you should:


1. Locate the stopcock which can normally be found underneath the kitchen sink

2. Turn the water off by turning the stopcock in a clockwise direction

3. Place a bucket underneath the location of the leak to catch any dripping water

4. Cover any possessions that are located near the leak with plastic sheets to prevent them from any further damage

5. Turn on ALL taps downstairs and leave on then wait until no more water runs out of the taps.

6. Turn on all taps upstairs you will hear air being sucked into the taps - this will drain the remaining water out of the system


TIP: If you place buckets under the taps to catch the draining water, this can then be used for flushing the toilet later!


7. If the water from the leak looks like it may have been building up for some time, it is not advisable to stay in the room for safety reasons such as a collapsing ceiling


At this point, there should be no water running from the taps and the leak should now have stopped!


Remember, our specialist heating engineer service across the Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield areas will cover all of the above and much more. If you need any assistance, don't hesitate to get in touch.