How to top up your water pressure in your boiler system

One of the most common reasons for the central heating to not be working is because the water pressure in the boiler requires topping up.

To top up the water pressure in your boiler, you should:

  • Ensure your boiler is turned off and has had plenty of time to cool down.
  • Locate your filling loop

NOTE: The filling loop is usually found underneath the boiler or within close proximity. It is a grey flexible hose with small valves at either end.

  • Check that the valves found on either end of the filling loop are securely attached to the hose.
  • Open the valves on both ends of the filling loop.

NOTE: To open the valves you will require tap handles or a flat headed screwdriver.

  • Listen for water filling the system - The water that you can hear is the cold mains water that you allowed into the system by opening the valves of the filling loop.
  • Look at the water pressure gauge and once it reaches 1.5bar, close the valves on either side of the filling loop.
  • Turn on your boiler and reset if required


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