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We're not just in the business of private home visits. Our full range of heating engineer services are available to Landlords in the Bradford, Wakefield and Leeds areas. You can find further information on our boiler installation service and boiler repair service throughout our website. 

Always remember, when we do any of this type of work we always check:

  • Flues – we check the appliances flues/chimneys are secure, not corroded or leaking and correctly installed.
  • Air supply – we check that the appliance has the correct ventilation to ensure the boiler can burn the gas correctly and cool the appliance properly.
  • Gas supply – we check that the gas pipework in the entire building has no leaks and where visible is in good condition. We also check that the gas pipework is supplying sufficient gas to the appliance for correct operation.
  • Safety systems – we check the safety systems within the appliance to ensure that if something were to go wrong the appliance would fail in a safe manner and protect the user.
  • General – we will give you an idea of the general condition of the boiler, whether it is near the end of its useful life or if you should consider replacing it in the near future. 


We operate in Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield and throughout Yorkshire. Contact us now for a free quote and friendly advice.